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Crimson Skies
PC Game | Window | English | 464 MB

Enjoy an all-new experience in flight combat! Crimson Skies puts you in the cockpit for thrilling dogfights and aerial adventure.In this alternate history, the year is 1937 and the United States is fractured into squabbling nation-states, brought about by the weight of the Great Depression, regional prohibition and mounting isolationism. Giant Zeppelins crisscross the skies carrying both passengers and cargo, and airborne bandits are a constant threat.You are Nathan Zachary - dashing air pirate and ace pilot. Lead a squadron of privateers in thrilling ground level missions. Along the way romance a bevy of dangerous femme fatales, but be warned - these beauties can turn on you faster than a Fairchild in a terminal tail spin.
1. Unrar
2. Mount image "crimson skies.nrg" in DeamonTools or favorite alternative
3. Run the patch "CrmSk102.exe"
4. From the ***** archive, copy "Crimson.exe" to your install directory, renaming or replacing the original exe of that same name.

PLEASE NOTE this game is old by some standards. It runs beautifully on my own machine (Windows XP, AMD single core processor, ATI graphics card) but attempting to run it with hardware acceleration on certain of my friends' machines who use Vista, multi-core CPU's, or Nvidia cards has often resulted in crashing at startup. I have no idea which of these elements may be causing the problem, as they all use a similar setup.
Thankfully the game includes a software renderer so that it may be run regardless of graphics acceleration hardware, and when using this my friends have had more success. However, it is limited to 640x480 resolution and is just generally ugly.
Don't let the risk of compatibility issues dissuade you though - this is quite possibly the greatest arcade-style flight action game of all time, both multiplayer and in story mode, though its mouse support is lacking when compared to more recent titles. Enjoy!

System Requirement:
CPU Speed in MHz: 266MHz
Hard Drive Space: 925MB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Video Card: DirectX compatible
Video RAM in MB: 8MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Color Depth: 256
Graphics Resolution(s): 640x480
Compatible Devices: keyboard, joystick, mouse
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0a

http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=fc3602b04826185224a64199ac7f73e5eac77e1e 6e9afc04f7e866bfb1230ce0

pass: www.gamehousevn.com

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